Posted by: admin in Business,Debt,Finance,General,Services on May 17th, 2011

Whether you have a business or working for a company, you are most likely to face some difficulties obtaining capital to finance your business or even needing immediate financing for emergency needs of your family, especially during these times of economic uncertainty.

A popular source of financing is through the form of debt or equity. When borrowing money, you need to consider important factors that could affect the viability of the financing package. These factors include time duration, interest rate, and the management participation of the funds provider. However, external financing is hard to come by, especially during this time when many banks and investors are struggling with financial insecurity.

The good news is that you can still increase your internal cash flows generated by your business or job by looking at other possible sources of financing like cash for title. This is a secured loan that requires the borrower to provide the title of his or her car. It is not necessary that a borrower has a bank account as the loan amount is based on the value of the car (which needs to be paid or nearly paid off) to secure a loan. At whatever stage of growth you are in as an entrepreneur or an employee, it is very important to explore all possible and reliable sources of capital or financing. You need to choose the right mix of debt and equity financing at the least cost that can provide you the most control in managing your finances.