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Copywriting refers to the language used in advertisements and promotions for a product or service, written for the purpose of influencing attitudes and stimulating purchase and consumption. A good copywriting is indeed critical to driving your message to your target audience and increasing your sales. Aside from driving your sales, an effective copywriting piece can do the following for your business:

1. Improve your brand’s marketing. A good copywriting piece is an important element of a powerful advertising and strong recall for your brand. Advertisements, research, events, or PR all make up for tools that have to be integrated and mobilized for maximum effect.

2. Deliver your brand proposition. Get your message across by addressing the needs of your market through a tagline. Choose uncomplicated yet clever and memorable words. A tagline need not contain your brand’s name as long as the words and imagery are accessible to your customers.

3. Serve as your guide for marketing techniques. An effective copywriting can also not only serve as a marketing material for your business but as a potent aid for your sales strategies. Through it, you can have a guide to determine what works and what does not and choose the right kind of words and tones to use in delivering your sales pitches.


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Business cards are a way for you to introduce yourself to your new acquaintance that will pave the way for prospects to do business with you. Proper etiquette is also called for, thus presenting or receiving a business card with both hands would be the basic rule. Indeed, business cards could be a great tool in marketing your product/service effectively to your target audience so it is best not to underestimate the power of this piece of card you carry around your wallet.

Just like your marketing strategies for your business, a new and creative way of presenting your business card could dramatically impact your bottom line. This piece of card holds the key information that your prospects need to know about you and your business. The design and presentation of your business card can drive your message home to your clients and leave a lasting impression about your brand so they would remember you long after you have presented your card.

An effective and useful business card should contain the name of your business, the service/product you offer, tagline, location map of your business, and contact information. You can also add photographs of your offerings and use the back of the card to include more useful information about your business. Another creative way to utilize business cards as an effective marketing tool is to double its purpose as a credit, privilege, discount or loyalty card.