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Sure the Internet has indeed become the ultimate communication tool for its infinite possibilities of reaching millions around the globe surpassing all other forms of mass communication like print and media. But as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. The extent and speed with which the Internet could reach tremendous followers has lead it to become the next frontier of crimes against businesses and enterprises. As a business owner or a consumer, it would be best to be vigilant and protect yourself and your business against cyber crime.  Here are some helpful tips to help you out-smart the online-hackers:

Do not share too much information especially in social networking sites. A lot of security comes down to common sense. Maximize your privacy settings as well by customizing and limiting your information to people whom you only want to share your information. Think before you click.

Update Alerts. Update or make alerts that can monitor your mail and bank accounts on a regular basis that can be sent to your e-mail or mobile device.

Be careful with online transactions especially when using credit cards. After every transaction, delete autocomplete features, and cache and cookies in the browser history.

Invest in additional protection especially for very confidential information. Get extra protection for you and your business’ security and make sure that important data is backed up.


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Unexpected and disrupting circumstances happen in any business and if you are caught off guard, your business can suffer greatly from its effects. A company then needs to have an effective crisis management team to survive and turn its struggles around. It is important for the team to formulate the perfect mix of strategies, negotiating skills and charisma to uplift a critical situation. An effective crisis management team must meet the following tasks:

Foresee a crisis. A crisis management team must have foresight and recognize signs or indications that there is or there could be an event liable to cause a major disruption on the company. They can then analyze the situation and consult the top executives of the company.

Manage key departments.When a crisis begins to create damaging effects on the company, the team must manage key departments that will function and implement mitigation measures to control the impact of the crisis.

 Recovery. After the acute stage of a crisis, the team can then focus on returning the company to normal operations, evaluate the effects of the crisis, and look for business aspects that need improvement or renovation. This will be beneficial for the company to prevent a similar or related crisis from surfacing again.


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As a start-up business owner, you may have been running your company on your own from the start but as it grows and expands, it is advisable to get a partner to make it effective at everything. Working with the right business partner would be helpful to share the workload and make your enterprise more effective in every area to take it to greater heights.

What should you be looking for a good business partner? First, it is necessary to find someone who has skills and talents that complement yours. Work with someone who has a different skill set to make up for the things you need to improve on and complement as your team’s strength. Be able to define each other’s roles and tasks as well to know who should be doing what. Discuss your business goals and make sure that each of you agree and is working on the same page.

It is also critical to take legal counsel through a competent business lawyer to set the terms of your agreement. This way, each of you and also your business are protected and you have a clear understanding in your partnership with regard to financial compensation, equity stake, etc.


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Businesses specially start-ups and small enterprises can take full advantage on branding their product or service through the effective use of social media. The same way that we use social media for our personal purposes like communicating, sharing photos, getting recommendations from friends, and getting in touch with loved ones, so do our social media for business should convey true interaction with your target audience to promote your business. Here are some helpful tips to fully maximize the use of social media for your business:

1. Engage to your market. People no longer buy sales pitches and will most likely buy products recommended by their peers and family. Answer inquiries, features and comments on blogs, create polls, and join forums related to your niche and share relevant information to enhance your business’ credibility to readers and customers.

2. Post quality content. Generate readers and followers to your site by providing useful information for free to help you be perceived as a credible source.

3. Update your posts consistently. Quality content plus consistent daily posts and updates are important to keep your readers interested and eventually become converts to become followers and customers.

4. Be searchable. Put your company name in the URL, headers of fans pages or groups for easy recall. Use relevant key words for easy recognition among your followers.