Coping with the hard times is still unavoidably felt by many people around the world today. Indeed, the 2008-2009 economic downturn that has hurt many people and businesses still lingers its effect in the overall economic activity. Experts say that it may continue for the rest of this year- possibly even for a good part of next year. However, the difficult times notwithstanding, the future would not have to be that bleak for people who choose to strive.

The times call for even more perseverance to counteract the effects of the tough economy. Still, there are smart ways that one can do to meet the challenges of the hard times. One of the most doable ways to do this is to augment one’s income with a home-based small business while keeping the regular morning job. By doing so, one increases his/her opportunities and potential to find a market segment where a product or service is needed despite the trying times. People still have basic needs that need to be satisfied and finding ways to fill those needs will help one to fill his/her own for survival and growth.

In addition to this, one should be wise enough to manage his/her cash flow and not prioritize purchasing ultra pricey items. Instead, one should take note that cash is king during the hard times. Thankfully, there are many frugal ways to save up when buying one’s basic needs and that is through discount coupons being offered by certain stores to their consumers to save up on their purchases. By being resourceful, it is not surprising that one can still find ways to satisfy his/her needs, as well as stretch finances to get the most value out of one’s hard-earned money.

Just like any other economic cycle, the hard times will pass and wouldn’t last forever. Changes call for new demands that abound and need to be met. No matter what the prevailing economic conditions might be, it is always best to jump start improving one’s financial standing by being persevering, creative, resourceful, frugal, and innovative.


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We have heard numerous stories of people drowning into a sea of debt after using (or abusing) their plastic money, or credit cards which make many people think that credit cards are bad and will just just bring about financial doom. On the other hand, there are also many entrepreneurs who successfully use their credit cards to bank roll their businesses. By observing the right practices, you too can make your credit card work for your own business. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Pay the total amount due on or before the due date to stay in good standing. If you pay an amount that is less than the total amount due, you become a borrower and would be charged an interest of 2.5 to 3.75% a month, depending on the credit card issuer. If you pay after the due date, you will have to pay a late payment fee.

Take advantage of the cash advance facility. If you have several credit cards, compare the rates and terms so you could choose the most advantageous for you. Remember that you have to have the cash to pay your bill come due date.

Ask for a waiver of fees if you are a good payer or a long-time card-holder. Some banks may consider waiving your annual fees on your account if you are in good standing.

Use your credit card to monitor your cash flow and operational expenses such as utilities, office supplies, gasoline, etc. This can serve as a tool to analyze your business’ expenses and cash flow requirements.



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In his book, Retire Young, Retire Rich, Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad quoted, ‘All debt is good debt. But not all people know how to use debt, so they turn good debt into bad debt.’ Explaining further, Kiyosaki said that most people know how to get into debt, but the problem is they get into debt and get poorer. He pointed out that debt can be used as a leverage to be financially free, but most people do not know how to use debt in their favor.

True enough, we have heard of countless stories of people getting into debt, some even reaching breakdown due to credit card woes. Many resort to denial and eventually hiding, then haunted by the collection department about overdue payments. It is therefore very important to stress out the responsibility of owning a credit card. The best security that a credit card holder can do is to know the credit card rules as well as the various charges added to the monthly bills. Basically, one has to pay at least the minimum due each month to maintain a good standing. If you are not able to make a payment, it is best to coordinate with the bank before they call you as most banks can help you make a special arrangement and discuss ways to work on finances charges, late charges, etc.

Credit cards can indeed work in your favor to improve your financial standing. When used wisely, it can give you the advantage of purchasing power especially if you have a business. It can also help you build a good credit history which is a valuable asset when applying for car loans or mortgages. If there are horror stories of the use of credit cards, there are also those who enjoy the benefits of owning a credit card as a safer and more convenient tool to make online and phone purchases. Remember that a credit card is an unsecured loan and along with its benefits comes the responsibility of owning one.