Posted by: admin in Crisis Management,Management on May 21st, 2012



Unexpected and disrupting circumstances happen in any business and if you are caught off guard, your business can suffer greatly from its effects. A company then needs to have an effective crisis management team to survive and turn its struggles around. It is important for the team to formulate the perfect mix of strategies, negotiating skills and charisma to uplift a critical situation. An effective crisis management team must meet the following tasks:

Foresee a crisis. A crisis management team must have foresight and recognize signs or indications that there is or there could be an event liable to cause a major disruption on the company. They can then analyze the situation and consult the top executives of the company.

Manage key departments.When a crisis begins to create damaging effects on the company, the team must manage key departments that will function and implement mitigation measures to control the impact of the crisis.

 Recovery. After the acute stage of a crisis, the team can then focus on returning the company to normal operations, evaluate the effects of the crisis, and look for business aspects that need improvement or renovation. This will be beneficial for the company to prevent a similar or related crisis from surfacing again.