web design viewing platformsWow.  I wish there was a “6 Star”  because that’s how I feel about CitrusKiwi and their entire team.  I recently started a company with a business partner.  I’m a firm believer in the old adage “first impressions are the most lasting ones” and wanted our company to have a very professional feel, but of course as a 2-person startup, we didn’t have the $10,000 to spend on website, graphic design, business cards, brochures.  I looked online (as I do for EVERYTHING) to start my search.  I called the 3 top-rated online reviewed companies to get bids and more information. CitrusKiwi was not only the MOST professional, but also the best price!  They were just on the ball with communication and setting up meetings, but most importantly, they were able to not only understand the design vision my partner and I had, but they have executed flawlessly–and when there have been minor mistakes, web design Phoenix have owned up to and fixed it immediately (at no charge).  I am an extremely meticulous and detail-oriented person (some would use the term “OCD”) and the CitrusKiwi team have completely exceeded every expectation I had.  We used them to: redesign an existing website of ours, come up with our new logo, business cards, and brochures.  We have received so many complements on the logo and business cards–you wouldn’t believe it.  They have made our small startup feel like a legit corporation.  I have told all my friends and colleagues about them.

One friend hired them to create his law firm website and said it was one of the best business decisions he made.

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When my friend decided to start his own business, he knew he needed a good website but didn’t know where to turn for a designer. He knew that for this kind of thing you need a personal referral for. So he asked me who  designed my website, so I referred my friend to CitrusKiwi “Yeah, I have a pretty good web designer”. My friend still went online to search for reviews about CitrusKiwi. He saw that CitrusKiwi had great reviews, and decided to check them out.  He said he really liked the company’s portfolio so he got a quote (which he also liked) and hired them.

Citrus Kiwi logoMy friend is glad he did.  He wanted something that looked clean and professional, and CitrusKiwi delivered.  My friend said that they are great to work with, with good ideas, a sharp eye for detail, and lots of patience.   They got the job done well ahead of my friend’s deadline.  And when my friend emailed them in a panic, outside of business hours, because my friend thought the website had been launched before my friend was ready for it to be public, they called my friend right away and reassured him that all was well.

And my friend was also very happy with the design of the logo.  Again he said — great ideas, a sharp eye for detail and lots of patience.  The CitrusKiwi team designed a logo that is really classy (and it’s not just me who says so, but other people who have no reason to be nice to my friend!) and will help set my friend apart from his competition.

My friend was so impressed with the CitrusKiwi team’s work that Imy friend also hired them to host and maintain my website.

Let me say it again:  hiring CitrusKiwi was one of the best business decision my friend have made!

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I also referred CitrusKiwi to a friend and shared to me that they had an amazing experience using CitrusKiwi. They have contacted CitrusKiwi after referring them to my friend and got an immediate response from CitrusKiwi. My friend said she is so glad that I referred CitrusKiwi to her to help work on their website. She said they had a few million dollar listing – New Development Opportunity – they needed to create a website for along with marketing materials, email blast design and multiple sizes artwork for ads in the newspapers. They had only three weeks for everything to be completed and CitrusKiwi met all the deadlines, they did an excellent work in a very short period of time. The website looked great and the photography CitrusKiwi did for my friend was beyond her expectations. They also have a great post web development service, if my friend needed some changes made to the website or their marketing materials she would jump right on it and have it done in no time. My friend have dealt with so many web designers in the past and never met anyone so responsive, professional and diligent. The real estate team and clients were very satisfied and pleased with the work CitrusKiwi did for my friend’s company. She said she would highly recommend CitrusKiwi to anyone looking for a professional web designer.

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The Internet and social media have surpassed many other marketing media forms, making for one compelling reason for businesses to take advantage of it to boost their recall and sales. However, a true entrepreneur must keep in mind that running an online business or website is just like running any regular business; it entails overhead costs, a lot of hard work and patience, and most importantly, keeping a credible reputation.

To help you streamline your online presence, you have to have a deep understanding of what your market wants. Your website should ultimately benefit your customers and highlight your credibility and strengths as a company. On the other hand, unsatisfied customers which may lead to bad reputation should be dealt with strategically. Responding to customer unhappiness is certainly not new for any business. However, the difference with online businesses or websites is the speed and reach which it occurs. That is why it is best to get help with Online Reputation Management Company that helps online businesses and websites to increase a positive perception of their brand. Depending on your company’s needs, strategies and professionals will determine the best course of action for your specific requirements.

It is very crucial to utilize online reputation management for every online business and website. By doing so, professionals can effectively enhance your company’s marketing department and management. Automation and systemizing an online business  is indeed a great help to generate a steady revenue stream, but one must utilize and strategize online reputation management to keep the business on good footing.

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Businesses specially start-ups and small enterprises can take full advantage on branding their product or service through the effective use of social media. The same way that we use social media for our personal purposes like communicating, sharing photos, getting recommendations from friends, and getting in touch with loved ones, so do our social media for business should convey true interaction with your target audience to promote your business. Here are some helpful tips to fully maximize the use of social media for your business:

1. Engage to your market. People no longer buy sales pitches and will most likely buy products recommended by their peers and family. Answer inquiries, features and comments on blogs, create polls, and join forums related to your niche and share relevant information to enhance your business’ credibility to readers and customers.

2. Post quality content. Generate readers and followers to your site by providing useful information for free to help you be perceived as a credible source.

3. Update your posts consistently. Quality content plus consistent daily posts and updates are important to keep your readers interested and eventually become converts to become followers and customers.

4. Be searchable. Put your company name in the URL, headers of fans pages or groups for easy recall. Use relevant key words for easy recognition among your followers.


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Copywriting refers to the language used in advertisements and promotions for a product or service, written for the purpose of influencing attitudes and stimulating purchase and consumption. A good copywriting is indeed critical to driving your message to your target audience and increasing your sales. Aside from driving your sales, an effective copywriting piece can do the following for your business:

1. Improve your brand’s marketing. A good copywriting piece is an important element of a powerful advertising and strong recall for your brand. Advertisements, research, events, or PR all make up for tools that have to be integrated and mobilized for maximum effect.

2. Deliver your brand proposition. Get your message across by addressing the needs of your market through a tagline. Choose uncomplicated yet clever and memorable words. A tagline need not contain your brand’s name as long as the words and imagery are accessible to your customers.

3. Serve as your guide for marketing techniques. An effective copywriting can also not only serve as a marketing material for your business but as a potent aid for your sales strategies. Through it, you can have a guide to determine what works and what does not and choose the right kind of words and tones to use in delivering your sales pitches.


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Business cards are a way for you to introduce yourself to your new acquaintance that will pave the way for prospects to do business with you. Proper etiquette is also called for, thus presenting or receiving a business card with both hands would be the basic rule. Indeed, business cards could be a great tool in marketing your product/service effectively to your target audience so it is best not to underestimate the power of this piece of card you carry around your wallet.

Just like your marketing strategies for your business, a new and creative way of presenting your business card could dramatically impact your bottom line. This piece of card holds the key information that your prospects need to know about you and your business. The design and presentation of your business card can drive your message home to your clients and leave a lasting impression about your brand so they would remember you long after you have presented your card.

An effective and useful business card should contain the name of your business, the service/product you offer, tagline, location map of your business, and contact information. You can also add photographs of your offerings and use the back of the card to include more useful information about your business. Another creative way to utilize business cards as an effective marketing tool is to double its purpose as a credit, privilege, discount or loyalty card.




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The growth of digital communications all over the world is undoubtedly bullish making digital media a regular part of almost every aspect of marketing communications. The convenience and easy access of the Internet has made it a very powerful tool for many enterprises in presenting their product/service proposition and ultimately making the sale. People are now looking for value and to engage them, content and depth are the key drivers in digital space. The race is now on reaching the most people at the least amount of time.

Many companies nowadays have their own websites where they present, market, and sell their product/service. More and more enterprises are finding the benefits of having a website that allows them to tell their clients and prospects about their product and assist them with their inquiries. This is an effective tool as well in achieving a long-term media relations program. Your company could solidify a full-blown website through web design cleveland to help in executing a more creative and visually engaging site.

Creating your own company website, however, does not guarantee success outright as people would not automatically check your website. They need to know that you exist. To help your business send its core message on your target prospects, you can optimize your company’s website through seo cleveland that provides professional assistance in driving traffic to your site. This is indeed a great opportunity even for small players to grab a slice of the market and maintain a good footing in their business. Through this, small and big businesses could level the playing field as the Internet is proven to be the greatest equalizer no matter where you are in the world.

Link building techniques play a major role as well on quality inbound and outbound links associated with your company website as it makes a high page rank for your site. Examining your market is valuable for potential opportunities in solidifying your website. In addition to this, you can also improve an existing link by contacting the system administrator to fix the broken link. Improving an existing link is then translated to giving your website an early boost. Other link building techniques that are beneficial to your company’s website are Standard Directories where you could be listed both free and paid, Vertical or Industry Directories for several important directory listings of sites specific to your markets and categories, Online Press Optimization for press releases spread online and when placed on archived websites will continue to offer value and clicks for a long time. Lastly, Blog Syndication which is a form of ‘guest blogging’ to other bloggers can lead to a few links over time as your website acquires valuable article content.




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Businesses whether big or small face tough competition with numerous enterprises both local and abroad. Running a business effectively and efficiently means looking into all aspects of the business, from operations to finance, added to a detailed strategy on handling marketing strategies. Communications, nowadays, is spelled as cellphones, Internet and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Awareness through Internet marketing is indeed very crucial to give your business a competitive edge.

Through the Internet, global competitiveness is made possible as it does not matter if you have a small business compared to the established global players in a particular industry. As long as you have a great knowledge and skills of the service or product that you are offering and at the same time have the appropriate strategies in achieving your goals, your business has a great potential towards success. Indeed, innovation is key to any business given the rapid change in technology and current events.

The Internet is vital especially for time-sensitive businesses, the great news is that the Internet is one of the fastest ways to transmit data, alongside mobile phones. Your company’s website should contain information about who you are, what you offer, and a portfolio of your products/services. Communication is key so it is important that you place your business in a rightful position to reach your target market and find opportunities where you can present what you offer. Having a company website is an effective tool as you should be accessible via search engines like Google. Further studies, exposure to different styles and techniques in your industry, and always being on the look out for trends would elevate the level of your business.

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The process of acquiring a full blown system for a business or a company could be very tricky and is quite a daunting task for business owners. Businesses- whether big or small- must properly select from a variety of business tools and solutions that would give them a competitive advantage in conducting their day-to-day operations. The benefits derived from these tools and solutions could be dramatic and make a big difference in their bottom lines.

To stay competitive, effective marketing strategies are critical for your enterprise to target prospect customers that ultimately increase your closing ratio. Your marketing plan should help you achieve retention of your service or product’s core message. It would also be great to have every prospective customer right on your target through assisted living marketing ideas that let you organize your leads, plan and manage marketing activities for prospects, and effectively allow you to communicate with them. All the key data, lead source categories, referral classifications, reporting search criteria, prospect preference information, among others are organized and precisely kept as a tool for a company’s own information requirements.

There is also the senior housing software solution that helps a company implement its integrated information system that provides a competitive advantage in terms of management information accessibility. This tool is crucial for meeting the company’s revenue commitments and acquiring easier and faster access to information that could give an enterprise better operational and cost control. Your company could benefit from simplifying the process for acquiring a full-blown system through assisted living facility management that gives your business the capability of offering end-to-end chain management services for your company and helps track your daily and monthly expenses against your budget, vendor invoices, gross payroll, and other important data.

The competition in the market may be so tight as new and existing products are all around and it can be very challenging for you especially if you are a start-up business. With effective marketing tools and ideas available, even small and medium enterprises could level the playing field for business more than ever before.



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With the economic downturn, businesses started to understand what stakeholder relations was all about: that they have to take proactive measures in building customer trust beyond self-serving advertising and press releases. Great customer service always wins the day for businesses. However, as entrepreneurs, our main focus is running a business. We normally concentrate on marketing effectively and reaching revenue goals for our company and client base. It is then crucial that we choose business solutions and tools that would give us a competitive advantage.

The benefits derived from print solutions make a big difference in a company’s bottom line. This is precisely true in a marketing department where time-consuming printing requests are always needed. A company whether big or small can take full advantage of a reliable system provider with a highly seasoned management team for all local print and promotional materials needed by their company. A great marketing support, brand management, and printing for your company would make it superior from the competition. A sensible and more practical approach on commercial printing will give your company a big advantage in conducting its da-to-day operations.

Acquiring a solution like an efficient printing service is critical to implement a company’s integrated source system that enables all authorized end users to access, customize, and order the needed printing materials. This is made possible by a comprehensive online management tool essential in meeting the company’s revenue commitments and getting easier and faster access to information and tools that could give it better operational and cost control. This is also helpful in protecting corporate branding, positioning and managing of your business. Indeed, printing fulfillment services are well taken care of from order processing and production to distribution and more.

More and more companies are finding the benefits of simplifying the process for acquiring a full-blown system for their companies. Through a reliable printing services company, you too can give your own company the capability to offer end-to-end supply chain management services to conduct your marketing operations. The big difference relies on taking the extra pains to gain a deeper understanding of a company and the business as the client. Remember that exemplary customer service will get return business more often, bring in new business constantly, and get the best results from existing customers.


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A written sales proposal is very important to help you convince a prospective client that your product or service corresponds to the needs of his business. To help you come up with a well-written sales proposal, here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  • Do your research. Know the information about the company to help you know the needs of this particular prospect client. Search for articles about the prospect company and read about their product lines, mission and vision, and key personnel.
  • Personalize your proposal. Write a proposal that satisfies the needs of a particular client, not one that sells the products or services. Focus on how your product would benefit the customer rather than what your product or service is, and come up with reasons to show your client why your offer is superior over  those of the competition.
  • Make it precise and concise. Make the desired information quickly understood in order to get your prospect client to read your proposal. Present the objectives of the client where your product or service would be needed. Include the unique features and benefits of the product/service to be offered and provide a brief list of your company’s qualifications for the project.
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