Posted by: admin in Business,Cybersecurity,Online Marketing,Online-Hackers on May 30th, 2012

Sure the Internet has indeed become the ultimate communication tool for its infinite possibilities of reaching millions around the globe surpassing all other forms of mass communication like print and media. But as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. The extent and speed with which the Internet could reach tremendous followers has lead it to become the next frontier of crimes against businesses and enterprises. As a business owner or a consumer, it would be best to be vigilant and protect yourself and your business against cyber crime.  Here are some helpful tips to help you out-smart the online-hackers:

Do not share too much information especially in social networking sites. A lot of security comes down to common sense. Maximize your privacy settings as well by customizing and limiting your information to people whom you only want to share your information. Think before you click.

Update Alerts. Update or make alerts that can monitor your mail and bank accounts on a regular basis that can be sent to your e-mail or mobile device.

Be careful with online transactions especially when using credit cards. After every transaction, delete autocomplete features, and cache and cookies in the browser history.

Invest in additional protection especially for very confidential information. Get extra protection for you and your business’ security and make sure that important data is backed up.