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A cyber attack is an attack on major computer systems by hackers. We’ve seen hackers successfully broke into government computer networks and into the Pentagon’s systems and a bank’s website knocked out for a day or two by the “Anonymous” group. A serious attack would be when foreign hackers coordinate an attack on the networks of many major U.S. government and financial institutions. It would harm the economy and disrupt distribution of products, with resulting food shortages in some areas causing the initial chaos.

In this case of Cyber Attack, I look at how the U.S. economy was disrupted in the days after the 9/11 attack. When the government grounded all flights for a few days, some business operations were stalled, since products delivered by cargo planes were delayed. But people remained calm, and the country snapped back from the economic effects.

Just like after Katrina, 9/11, and other disasters, our people will survive the disruption if the government can convince everyone to remain calm and help one’s neighbors. In case of disruption of food distribution, no doubt there’ll be price gouging and riots at the supermarkets. But I do believe patriotic Americans will work together to find alternative ways to transport food from farm to stores, and then the challenge will be to figure out how to pay for basic needs when no one can get their money out of the banks. In the 1980’s the federal government mandated that banks create a disaster recovery plan. After communications systems were wiped out by hurricane Katrina, mobile sites were set up to re-establish network communications.

In a nationwide disaster, after the initial chaos, I expect the National Guard will be sent out to the most chaotic locations, while companies everywhere would execute their disaster recovery plans. American ingenuity will lead to workarounds for the failed systems. And patriotic Americans will help their neighbors out if they can. It would be helpful if every family also had their own disaster plan. I am prepared, what about you?

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In any business, one should always keep his/her ears on the ground. Aside from knowing the market and creating a distinct identity for the company, a smart entrepreneur knows that it is crucial to come up with new ideas/solutions and flesh them out. Whether a business is a start-up or an established brand, a smart entrepreneur must be very involved in it. Doing so will keep one abreast with the developments that will make the business a step ahead of the competition.

One of the tasks of maintaining a competitive enterprise is to choose from a variety of business solutions and tools for the business’ operations on which technology plays a big part. Embedded computer technology in particular, is what Advanced TCA is all about- it is present everywhere whether it be industrial automation, energy, communications, medical, transportation, infotainment, and defense and aerospace. These solutions, depending on the nature of a business, are very crucial in making a big difference in a company’s bottom lines. These services help a business to dramatically create a sustainable and viable embedded solution that simplify the otherwise tedious procedure of acquiring a full-blown system. Armed with efficient and value-added services, a business can give itself the capability of offering end-to-end supply chain management services to its clients.