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This is my first review on artificial grass, and I am writing it because I want you all to know about the great service that Arizona Turf Depot provided to us this summer when they worked on our backyard.

First, Arizona Turf Depot’s responsiveness.  Back in the early summer of 2013, I was contacting various landscapers for our backyard project, some of whom were referrals from friends or professionals.  Very few called back.  Arizona Turf Depot, who was referred to me from a friend, was one of the ones who called back promptly.  We scheduled a consultation pretty quickly, and he scheduled our project soon thereafter.  During the project itself, Arizona Turf Depot communicated options to me whenever they arose, and they quickly called back whenever I had questions or things to talk about.  I should note that during one week of the project, I was out of town, and so this communication was key.artificial grass

Second, Arizona Turf Depot’s landscaping design and installation work.  In looking for a landscaping professional, I searched for someone who could come up with ideas despite vague and often unknowledgeable input from me, the client.  I am far from an expert in this area and don’t have much time to do things myself, and I therefore needed someone who could think of ideas that fit my general preferences and style.  From my uninspiring mulch-covered backyard, artificial grass supplies phoenix created a very peaceful outdoor family area, with a slate garden, a beautiful moss rock wall that looks like it had been there forever, ipe and slate benches, new foliage including a new Japanese maple as the centerpiece, and, per our choice after Arizona Turf Depot’s consultation and suggestion, a low-maintenance and artificial grass play area for our daughter. Arizona Turf Depot also added a drip irrigation system, lighting to highlight the foliage at night, and timers for both. Arizona Turf Depot’s work reflected the vision that we had expressed to him, made better by Arizona Turf Depot’s knowledge of what would look and work best with the existing backyard that we had.  And importantly, they gave us a beautiful, low maintenance backyard that we could use for relaxing, entertaining, or playing with our daughter and our dog.artificial grass

Third, Arizona Turf Depot’s professional and courteous service.  In addition to being responsive and communicative, Arizona Turf Depot offered great ideas, like having a water feature that we chose not to do, without pushing them or pressuring.  I always felt like I was getting the work that I chose to have done.  I also felt that Arizona Turf Depot went the extra mile in their work.  For example, they spent more time, effort, and, I think, money on their end (when our contract was already fixed) to get a perfectly-shaped and beautiful Japanese maple tree for our yard.  Arizona Turf Depot and their workers manually carried that tree up our back steps and through a narrow gate to get the tree placed, and that was hard work.  I know because I voluntarily helped.  Another example is Arizona Turf Depot’s work on our deck.  Arizona Turf Depot repainted our deck to compliment our backyard, and although I didn’t expect it, they also offered to paint additional decking on the side of the house that was not part of the backyard.  I very much appreciated that.  Finally, Arizona Turf Depot was visibly courteous and respectful to the crew, who I thought were treated as partners in the work effort.  The workers were all great, and I could tell that they are respectful and enjoyed working for Arizona Turf Depot.artificial grass

Finally, Arizona Turf Depot is very nice and personable, and similar to what others have posted, I thought they were easy to be around and very pleasant to work with.  They were also very honest and trustworthy, which was important to me due to budget issues and the time we were away from home during the project.

I would highly recommend Arizona Turf Depot to anyone who, like me, wants to have a peaceful and beautiful backyard.  I was not one who was looking for a zen space in my home or anything of that spiritual variety, but I certainly got one, as well as a backyard that I am now very happy with.

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