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A close friend of mine consulted Sylvia Lafair of Creative Energy options (CEOinc) as a business coach and she helped him tremendously. She has a unique ability to see the trade-off involved in any business decision, make a clear recommendation and point you to additional resources when needed. My friend said he is so glad he reached out and had business coaching training with her and he will continue to do so as his business grows.

Business Coach Training

My friend had worked with Sylvia for over a year as a business coach while CEO of his previous startup.  Naturally, he approached Sylvia with a great deal of skepticism, knowing that business and/or executive coaches have a history of being a colossal waste of time and money. But Sylvia’s background as a psychologist made him feel that she may  be fully equipped to help with many of the hard decisions my friend had to make as CEO.

When the ultimate responsibility of the company falls on your shoulders, at some point it was very clear that my friend investing in himself as a leader was the most important thing he needed to do for his staff, my investors, and my customers.

When he started researching business coaching training he was not exactly sure what he needed.  He didn’t need a strategy consultant (had advisors & mentors for that).  Over time it became clear that what my friend really needed was someone to facilitate a deeper introspection and develop my interpersonal & leadership skills.  Sylvia does that.  She was my friend’s go-to person that he leaned on when making hard decisions – hiring & firing, management challenges, M&A negotiations, and even helping my friend re-discover what he wanted to accomplish in this stage of his career.

The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) isn’t cheap, but when you’re responsible for making smart decisions with millions of dollars in investor money, you don’t want to cut corners.

Every startup CEO should spend at least a month with these people.

Business Coach Training

Another friend of mine said that Sylvia has made a ridiculously huge positive difference in his life.  He said he really can’t say enough about how capable she is.  Coaching is inherently risky – clients who are facing difficulties in their lives often project those difficulties on their coach or therapist.

Now this may sound outlandish, but my fried honestly consider Sylvia to be a genius in the realm of personal development –  and he did not said it lightly.  He had met a lot of other great coaches in his day. But my friend says that Sylvia is in an entirely different universe than the other’s he had met.  The lady is gifted beyond measure.  My friend said Sylvia eats, drinks, and sleeps personal development.  This is who and what Sylvia is at her core, and she produces results.

Just to give you three highlight results from my friend’s work with Sylvia:
1) During the first three months he worked with Sylvia, his income doubled.  It wasn’t coincidence, nor was it due entirely to Sylvia.  It would not have happened when it did without her coaching.  Sylvia simply and elegantly unstopped what was holding my friend back.
2) During that same first three months, my friend responsibly ended a romantic relationship that wasn’t working, but that he hadn’t been able to get out of.   He is still very close friends with his ex.  That was due to Sylvia.  My friend never would have handled it as gracefully, and as honestly as he did without Sylvia’s coaching.
3) During that same period, he wrote a movie script and sold it to a producer.  Also due to Sylvia.  He had been dreaming about writing a screenplay for years, but never got himself to do it.  Sylvia helped him uncover the dream, and take the action.

And the list goes on.  Hands down, he have never known another coach that could make a difference like Sylvia.  If you’re looking for coaching, go experience her for yourself. Her holistic approach and style has also helped drive a shift in my business in the most positive and wonderful ways.  The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) offers a very comforting, clean and welcoming space.  I highly recommend The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) for anyone who is ready to start (or re-start) that business coaching workout and journey.

Business Coach Training