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A close friend of mine consulted Sylvia Lafair of Creative Energy options (CEOinc) as a business coach and she helped him tremendously. She has a unique ability to see the trade-off involved in any business decision, make a clear recommendation and point you to additional resources when needed. My friend said he is so glad he reached out and had business coaching training with her and he will continue to do so as his business grows.

Business Coach Training

My friend had worked with Sylvia for over a year as a business coach while CEO of his previous startup.  Naturally, he approached Sylvia with a great deal of skepticism, knowing that business and/or executive coaches have a history of being a colossal waste of time and money. But Sylvia’s background as a psychologist made him feel that she may  be fully equipped to help with many of the hard decisions my friend had to make as CEO.

When the ultimate responsibility of the company falls on your shoulders, at some point it was very clear that my friend investing in himself as a leader was the most important thing he needed to do for his staff, my investors, and my customers.

When he started researching business coaching training he was not exactly sure what he needed.  He didn’t need a strategy consultant (had advisors & mentors for that).  Over time it became clear that what my friend really needed was someone to facilitate a deeper introspection and develop my interpersonal & leadership skills.  Sylvia does that.  She was my friend’s go-to person that he leaned on when making hard decisions – hiring & firing, management challenges, M&A negotiations, and even helping my friend re-discover what he wanted to accomplish in this stage of his career.

The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) isn’t cheap, but when you’re responsible for making smart decisions with millions of dollars in investor money, you don’t want to cut corners.

Every startup CEO should spend at least a month with these people.

Business Coach Training

Another friend of mine said that Sylvia has made a ridiculously huge positive difference in his life.  He said he really can’t say enough about how capable she is.  Coaching is inherently risky – clients who are facing difficulties in their lives often project those difficulties on their coach or therapist.

Now this may sound outlandish, but my fried honestly consider Sylvia to be a genius in the realm of personal development –  and he did not said it lightly.  He had met a lot of other great coaches in his day. But my friend says that Sylvia is in an entirely different universe than the other’s he had met.  The lady is gifted beyond measure.  My friend said Sylvia eats, drinks, and sleeps personal development.  This is who and what Sylvia is at her core, and she produces results.

Just to give you three highlight results from my friend’s work with Sylvia:
1) During the first three months he worked with Sylvia, his income doubled.  It wasn’t coincidence, nor was it due entirely to Sylvia.  It would not have happened when it did without her coaching.  Sylvia simply and elegantly unstopped what was holding my friend back.
2) During that same first three months, my friend responsibly ended a romantic relationship that wasn’t working, but that he hadn’t been able to get out of.   He is still very close friends with his ex.  That was due to Sylvia.  My friend never would have handled it as gracefully, and as honestly as he did without Sylvia’s coaching.
3) During that same period, he wrote a movie script and sold it to a producer.  Also due to Sylvia.  He had been dreaming about writing a screenplay for years, but never got himself to do it.  Sylvia helped him uncover the dream, and take the action.

And the list goes on.  Hands down, he have never known another coach that could make a difference like Sylvia.  If you’re looking for coaching, go experience her for yourself. Her holistic approach and style has also helped drive a shift in my business in the most positive and wonderful ways.  The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) offers a very comforting, clean and welcoming space.  I highly recommend The Creative Energy options (CEOinc) for anyone who is ready to start (or re-start) that business coaching workout and journey.

Business Coach Training

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dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most important service that every homeowner in America must not forget. Just about every residence features a dryer right now and with it, the importance of maintaining the vents clean is even more important. No matter whether you use an electric or perhaps a gas powered dryer, you’d have to make sure that the vents are cleaned frequently. In several properties, since the vents are out of sight, their cleaning is usually ignored. Having said that, ignoring the vents for a long period of time can be in fact quite risky.


Vent Cleaning is important for Each and every Household

No matter what brand and type of dryer you use at home, dryer vent cleaning  is a single aspect of making use of dryer that should not be ignored. There are several causes why this is important. The first reason is the fact that frequent cleaning would basically raise the efficiency of your machine and it would also make the dryer last longer. The dryers which can be applied in houses are in fact very sturdy and with just a little bit care, then can final for decades. These dryers also have lint traps and screens in them. On the other hand, the lint traps would only be able to perform with an efficiency of around 80%. This means that the rest with the lint will be trapped in the vents.


Save Your property from Fire

A different very important reason why dryer vent cleaning Phoenix AZ  really should not be ignored is for the reason that a blocked vent can very easily result in fire. With frequent use, the lint from the garments would get trapped inside the vents. This would block the passage for the air circulation. Since the passage will be blocked, the dryer would need to perform harder for drying the clothing and would overheat inside the course of action. When the vents remain ignored for also long, it might cause fire.


Expert Businesses Might help

You will discover quite a great deal of expert cleaning organizations in Maryland which can make it easier to maintain the dryer vents at residence clean pretty easily. You would just need to have an annual or even a semi annual cleaning appointment to avoid each of the dangers that happen to be linked with blocked dryer vents. These companies possess the ideal gear and encounter that will be necessary for this job. They would use special brush and higher energy vacuum for cleaning out each of the debris from the vents.

I had a pro come out and cleaned mine when the vent blocked, thankfully the lint only scorched on the surface and did not burn the house down.
The pro used a compressed air spinning head that destroyed the clog, and also used a massive high-flow vacuum pipe to pull the debris out. It still took 40 minutes to clean the vent. The lint was wet as all heck, which is why it was packed so tight in the pipe.
Sort of like the high pressure sewer cleaning truck systems except it uses air instead of water.

The cleaning kits sold at the big box stores work ok for vent maintenance if there is not a real clog but in my case the fiberglass shaft would fold and not dig through the clog.
Clean the vent every 5 years is the best advice I could give.


What Professional Duct & Vent Cleaning Entails

Professional air duct and vent cleaning involves getting the dust and debris outside, so they use outdoor ventilation equipment. It is so important that homeowners make sure the professional is using good equipment then, as they could otherwise spread the spores into the home and further agitate sensitive family members. In the case of mold, a cleaner will only be able to tell you it is there, followed by needing an additional mold professional to come out and test or remove the mold. Air duct cleaning industry does not require state licensing in many states, so make sure to check for a company with references.

Removing dust and debris from ventilation might require the professional getting down on the floor if you have floor vents, so be sure to speak with them about your furniture and other valuables near the vents to avoid any damages or problems.


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My GE room AC has begun to act up. It will run for 5-7 mins and then quit. The fan will come back on after 30 seconds but the compressor won’t. When the compressor tries to kick in again it grinds down to a halt. It’s drawing a lot of current as the TV will brown out. So I checked my thermostat to see if maybe there is some cold air blowing on or near it causing it to prematurely shut down. As soon as it warms back up though it tries to turn the compressor back on. The refridgerant though has not had enough time to bleed through the system in 30 seconds, so the compressor is trying to start against a heavy load.
It infact is stalled so the built in thermal protection turns it off. It eventually clicks back on and repeats until it gets going. This is normal activity when the compressor is “short cycled”, but its not particularly good for it, so I did not run my unit until it gets fixed. The compressor does not have enough it is shutting down the unit too soon and back on right away.

I also checked if the condenser clean and if the condenser fan running at full blast. I do not have too much on the line so it could not be the compressor is overheating and kicking out on thermal overload. The unit is directly connected to a 110VAC voltage outlet.

I tried calling around to get quotes to me general idea of what I am facing. I might may be better off with little mom and pop shops compared to national chains. Sometimes they will give you a better deal that a chain won’t.

I had someone come out and take a look at it, and he said the capacitor went bad, so we had it replaced. The cool air started flowing again, and we enjoyed cool AC for about a month, then the AC again stopped working. The same guy took a look at AC unit and he said this time the problem was a bad compressor. He said it is still under warranty but that labor to replace the compressor would be well over $1000.

I went to other repair guys to take  look at the unit to and for a quote of the cost of repair on the unit.  Based on all the feedback, it sounds like the clear thing NOT to do is to just get a new AC unit, but probably trying to get the current AC fixed (compressor replacement) and wait for the old furnace to fail before changing the entire system as a matched set – new furnace and new AC unit.

$700 does seem kind of high for compressor replacement labor (considering the part would be replaced under manufacturer’s warranty), and the cost of installing a new AC unit seems kind of low by comparison since the Goodman the AC guy quoted is probably costing them $1350 wholesale… so $1500 total would mean labor is $150.

I don’t get these AC repair guys.. the first guy said around $1200-1400 to replace the compressor under warranty, the second guy is saying $700, which is better but still does seem high.. if in fact the same type of work goes into installing a new unit, you’d think the labor would be $150 or in that ballpark.

A friend told me that in his area, it costs at a bare minimum, $60 to get someone just to come out on a service call, and if the unit is not worth repairing, the repair cost will be put toward a new unit, which, according to what I’ve been told, would cool better using less energy than the old one. Air conditioning units are really heavy, so taking one in to a shop for service would be a lot of work. Then, the shop would most likely charge you about the same as a service call to diagnose the problem. I don’t like the idea of throwing something away and buying new, but maybe this is one of the times when that is the most practical decision.

So I tried looking around and searched online for other ac repair Phoenix  to find out who can give me the lowest price to repair my unit. The guys that gave me the lowest repair cost are from Cool Touch and they also have promos. They have vastly experienced technicians to assure the best satisfaction. These  also solved my problem at an affordable price. Extensive testing procedures and quality control methods employed by them will guarantee a perfect service.


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heating repairIn this “throw it away” “planned obsolescence” world we live in, I’m always dubious when told “you should get a new one”. So, as I look at my ~ 1989 “Day & Night” furnace and hear the HVAC guy say this, I’m not convinced. So I’m asking my fellowmen for insights…

Existing furnace & related: Circa 1989 “Day & Night” downdraft furnace (electronic ignition), estimated 60000 BTU (3 ton?). Location: SF Bay area (i.e. not cold), 1800 sq foot house. Used 4 months of the year for average of $80/mth.

Current problems:

  • sticky relay on control board means the blower fan doesn’t always turn off
  • blower is out of balance so it causes vibration in the house and is quite noisy and somewhat annoying

I had an HVAC guy look at it and he quoted a new Trane furnace for $4k plus $2k install for a new 96% variable speed (yada yada) furnace, sealing the existing ductwork to bring it up to California efficiency code, permits, inspection, new PVC vent piping etc.  “Not worth repairing this old thing”.

Random thoughts:

  • I don’t think the extra efficiency of the new 96+% furnaces pays off in the 20yr lifetime of the furnace as our usage is so low
  • surely fixing the blower balancing / motor / bearings (whatever is wrong?!) would be easier, and quite likely a DIY job as its separate from the gas work
  • while I’m at it, replace the control board. It seems like there are plenty available for < $100 that will fix the relay
  • Home Depot charges $1600 for a no-name furnace, but the Home Depot recommended installers don’t install them – just Trane or Rheem for 2x the price. I’m guessing that for ~$1500 I could eventually find an installer who would do it for $3k total replacement cost


  • I don’t have the manual and can’t find the model # on the furnace. This is making it hard to identify things exactly and get online DIY pointers

We really would appreciate the increased comfort from stopping the vibration and likely lowering the noise, but none of this has to be fixed “right now”.

My other concern of “vibration” seems to be an unbalanced blower. The blower imbalance and resulting vibration is more of a problem for me than the control board. Right now I can hit the side of the heater to help the relay along and then its good for a few weeks (but of course its a problem just waiting to happen). One HVAC company said “it would cost at least $1000 to take out the motor and fix the vibration”. I found a good description of how to re-balance it and several good youtube videos on replacing the whole motor and blower myself if it comes to that. Its basically two screws and the whole thing slides out.

You can literally replace the whole thing if you want, but there are also easy to find new motors, blowers etc. E.g. electric motors for my furnace are < $200 (and possibly < $50 – I haven’t pulled it out yet to get the exact part #).  One estimate of a friend is something like: “It takes an experienced tech about 30 mins to change out a motor. A DIY type should allow 2-3 hours. The hardest part is if the blower is frozen to the motor shaft. Use WD40 and patience – not a bigger hammer”.   Indeed, this could perhaps become a nice summer project if only I am not too busy. And furnaces can sometimes give you head aches, especially if it’s cold outside and you need it more than ever. To make sure you don’t need furnace repair services on a winter day, save yourself some time and money and learn how to repair your furnace and keep it in a good condition.

I have used RighTimeHome Services several times. Very very good and professional, and not the expensive in town. I highly recommend their heating repair Long Beach CA. I have used this company several times with great results at a fair price:

No connection other than a satisfied customer.

Replaced my two split systems recently (2 x 2 ton ACs + 2 x 90% furnaces all TRANE) at a fraction of the cost of the larger places.

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When you’ve decided to use debt consolidation as the solution to your debt management needs, you’ve taken a big step towards aiding your debt problem. Debt consolidation allows you to group your current debts into one convenient loan, allowing you to pay a lower monthly payment than you are now at a lower interest rate. While this can be a great way to get debt under control, did you know that there are traps associated with debt consolidation loans? Many people don’t realize that the loan itself is only helping a symptom of a greater issue. Going to the source of the problem is the only way to truly get out of debt. While debt consolidation reviews is a great remedy, here are the traps to beware of that you may fall into if you take out a debt consolidation loan.

The Truth about Debt Consolidation
While debt consolidation feels like the sigh of relief you’ve been looking for, did you know that the lower monthly payments will mean your debt takes longer to pay off? Many don’t realize that these debt consolidation loans typically come with high fees as well.

While they promise to offer a lower interest rate than your current debts charge you, the debt takes longer to pay which means you’ll be paying more interest payments than you would have without the consolidation loan. It would be like having a 10-year car loan instead of a 5-year car loan. While you will pay less each month, which is beneficial to some, you’ve now added five extra years of payments and interest.

The Mistake of Repeating the Pattern
Debt consolidation can be the cure to your debt woes that you were looking for. Unfortunately, when you simply transfer your many small debts into one large debt, you may believe that the freed up credit is now your opportunity to use it again. You may be tempted to start charging those credit cards again now that the card shows a $0 balance. 70% of people who have used debt consolidation loans have ended up with as much, if not more, debt just a few years later. While these loans are supposed to help you get out of debt, many use them as a cure-all and neglect to change their own spending behaviors.

Using Debt Consolidation as a “Band-Aid”
One way to understand this concept would be to compare your debt consolidation to weight loss. The example would be if you bought a diet pill to lose unwanted weight. If you lose the weight and never change your unhealthy eating habits, you will put the weight right back on. One must adjust their mindset and behaviors while simultaneously working on repairing the current damage. If you become debt free but don’t live within your means or have a shopping addiction, you will most likely end up right back where you started once you’ve paid off your debt consolidation loan.

Losing Motivation
Since your mindset can highly affect your ability to correct your financial situation, it’s important to also note a difference in drive and motivation when you use these types of loans.

If you decided to get a consolidation loan or balance transfer for your credit card debt, then you’ll have all the debt under one loan and you’ll pay the minimum each month. If you hadn’t consolidated the credit card debt and just started paying off the cards on your own from the smallest balance to the largest balance, you might find that the motivation is higher for paying off the cards as quickly as possible when you are almost at that $0 balance on each card. Each time a card is paid in full, you would feel like you can actually see the light at the end of the debt-free tunnel and your motivation would get stronger as time goes on. Paying your monthly consolidation loan for the total of all credit card debts will not likely energize your sense of determination to pay it off as soon as possible.

Using Collateral
Many consolidation loans require collateral. When you put your house or car on the line, not keeping up your end of the bargain can leave you with a repossessed car or foreclosed home. It may seem like a good idea to take the loan by putting your home or car on the line, but you are risking your most important assets if you can’t make your payments.

Expensive Consolidation Services
People that decide debt consolidation is the route for them usually feel best speaking to a professional. Since debt relief has become such a profitable business, many debt consolidation services are going to be designed to charge you high fees in order to help you. What many people don’t realize is that the services they are providing are typically things you can do on your own. The fees they may charge you include monthly fees, up-front fees, and/or interest. You’ll need to determine if these additional costs are going to be worth it in the long run.

While debt consolidation has its pros and cons, be sure to avoid the traps associated with these types of loans and you can successfully pay off your debts with the right approach.

Debt Consolidation Service

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I’ve had loans with mobile money & auto money. I’m not sure if its just my experience but I found automoney better to deal with than mobile money!

They are proud members of The Consumer Credit Trade Association. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people have a positive image of this company. And other saw them as some sort of financial knights in shining armour, coming to their rescue at times like Christmas & birthdays.

From what I remember, auto money loans are for 18 months. I’ve had the odd time where I had to pay late for whatever reason & I’d phone them with a ‘promise to pay’ on a certain date & they’d be ok with that. I think its crucial to keep in contact with them. Let them know what’s going on and who knows, they may be able to help.  It was a smooth process and the people I worked with were competent, helpful and understanding.  When it comes to trusting internet loan companies you wont be able to tell unless you’ve tried them before or know someone who has. I’ve tried a few companies and was very happy with auto money, they are very reasonable and easy to work with was very happy with them all.

To date, they have been fantastic.  The web portal doesn’t have the same look and feel as the big banks but it does everything I need. I would recommend that people do business with them. I hope your experience is the same!



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Auto title loans are not really tricky business. They are a form of collateral loan,  the title of your vehicle is used as collateral to secure the loan, and in some cases a copy of the car keys too.These loans texas are like the everyday loans that people are used to, from banks and other financial institutions.

This form of credit operates differently from bank credit. You will need to give up your car title, after which you are lent up to 50% of the value of the car.  The application process is protected by strict security measures. The online data is safe and secure with high security standards. The lenders are responsible for their customer’s confidentiality so a customer can apply without any worry.

As soon as the application is submitted, a staff from the lending office will contact the applicant. He guides him to complete the application smoothly. He answers any loan regarding questions courteously. The application form asks to select a nearby financing center.

So, in light of all the above, you should ask yourself a few questions before you take a car title loan. Ask yourself for instance, is the loan really necessary? Will you be able to fully pay back the loan along with the total interest within the stipulated time?

However, if you evaluate yourself and find that you really require the car title loans and you are sure you can pay back, then why hold back? Go ahead and take it, but be sure to do a background check of who you want to borrow from.

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There are some tips that we have to consider while writing a Resume, as it is the best source that creates an impact about us to the interview holders and also the first step of us after completing our studies. I came across some of the ResumeEdge resume blog earlier when I didn’t know how to write a resume effectively. As far as my knowledge is concerned, the professional resume should contain some buzz words that makes the resume looks fresh, and should have the sense of how the job market works and how hiring managers think. Most people get the job with out professional help, whether legal, taxes or resumes.

To have a decent resume, you need something to put on it, something to get attention.  I try to tell young kids that a resume is not about format, it about what you have done with your life.

If you are starting out, be thinking of your resume all the time.  Volunteer your time to an effort you can support and believe in (Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Salvation Army, your church).  If you contribute, not only do you have an item to add to your resume, you have worked now with people that can help you with things like references, and perhaps even job tips and hints.  And believe in the idea that “what goes around comes around”.  If you do good things, good things will come back to you (don’t ask me how, but it just does).

A good resume will reflect a good life story.  It will be better than “I hung out, played video games, watched TV, and lived at Mom’s until I was 30….


Continue with your education.  Take a class if you are out of school, anything, something you enjoy.  A note on a resume indicating continuing education is an indicator of someone who is always improving themselves.  Your list of education cannot stop with High School or college, it should go on.

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A cyber attack is an attack on major computer systems by hackers. We’ve seen hackers successfully broke into government computer networks and into the Pentagon’s systems and a bank’s website knocked out for a day or two by the “Anonymous” group. A serious attack would be when foreign hackers coordinate an attack on the networks of many major U.S. government and financial institutions. It would harm the economy and disrupt distribution of products, with resulting food shortages in some areas causing the initial chaos.

In this case of Cyber Attack, I look at how the U.S. economy was disrupted in the days after the 9/11 attack. When the government grounded all flights for a few days, some business operations were stalled, since products delivered by cargo planes were delayed. But people remained calm, and the country snapped back from the economic effects.

Just like after Katrina, 9/11, and other disasters, our people will survive the disruption if the government can convince everyone to remain calm and help one’s neighbors. In case of disruption of food distribution, no doubt there’ll be price gouging and riots at the supermarkets. But I do believe patriotic Americans will work together to find alternative ways to transport food from farm to stores, and then the challenge will be to figure out how to pay for basic needs when no one can get their money out of the banks. In the 1980’s the federal government mandated that banks create a disaster recovery plan. After communications systems were wiped out by hurricane Katrina, mobile sites were set up to re-establish network communications.

In a nationwide disaster, after the initial chaos, I expect the National Guard will be sent out to the most chaotic locations, while companies everywhere would execute their disaster recovery plans. American ingenuity will lead to workarounds for the failed systems. And patriotic Americans will help their neighbors out if they can. It would be helpful if every family also had their own disaster plan. I am prepared, what about you?

How would you like your business to be viewed by consumers? Making a positive response from consumers is what any business dreams of as it could make or break any enterprise. That is why it is critical to manage a business’ reputation because it is the image that customers form in their minds based on their experiences in using the product or service that you provide.

Nowadays, the marketing scene is on 24/7 as the online environment, that is, Internet, mobile, and social media, move and change at full tilt making your brand always ‘on’ in the marketplace. Online reputation management therefore becomes more important than ever before to empower individuals, businesses and large-scale enterprises to protect their privacy and ensure their online reputations reflect accurate, current and balanced information.  This means that as a business owner, you must consider what your customers are looking for, and what they are saying about your brand.

Constant monitoring of your business’ brand should be prioritized as what happens online also affects offline communication. So how does one manage this round-the-clock environment to ensure that their brand’s reputation in the marketplace is under control? Solutions for online privacy control and digital identity management are key to engaging your consumers to make sure that they know and say what is true and authentic about your brand., Inc. provides online reputation management to help businesses evoke of reliable, authentic information about their brands to their consumers. They continue to develop and patent innovative tools that address the dynamic risks and threats a Web-based world presents to maintaining accurate information and image control. More than just a digital solution, Overview allows you to get a better view on how to be responsive and get a sense of the talk about your brand through monitoring. In addition, this allows for knowing how data  is moving through the business and what data is being collected and where it is being sent that can help determine how it should be handled.

Entrepreneurs and marketers indeed have to think what their customers and clients are thinking about their product or service. It could be a tremendous and challenging task to manage a company’s online reputation, but through, Inc, one can promote positive content and perception to capture brand positioning of the clients. Given the benefits of online marketing connectivity and online reputation management, you, as a business owner, can communicate and build relationships better to translate your business goals more efficiently and effectively.


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